Save the date! The FarmDemo Conference 2.0 will be held on May 11, 2022, in Brussels!

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The Farm Demo Conference takes place on the 11th of May 2022 and brings high-profile experts to create the necessary debate over the main tools and decision support of IPM demo farms, a new approach for strategical advice, facilitation and support of peer-to-peer learning, the added value of demonstration and the role of networks of demo farms to promote the general adoption of sustainable farming practices.

The Conference is organized between 3 Horizon 2020 projects – Nefertiti (, IPMWORKS ( and IPMDecisions (

The main objectives of the conference are:

  • Present the DEPHY as a pioneer network of demo farms for less pesticides

  • Present the main findings and activities of Farm Demo projects 

  • Bring hub coaches, demo farmers and policy makers to share experiences and best practices and transfer knowledge related to peer-to-peer learning, the added value of demonstration and sustainable farming practices

  • Have an open and participatory forum for discussion

The agenda of the event is divided into 4 parts:

  • 1st part consists in the opening of the conference, which will have more institutional speakers such as, Inge Van Oost (DG-Agri) and the Representative of the French Ministry of Agriculture;

  • 2nd part will be more technical and participative, with dynamics with the participants and, supported by round tables, each one with different perspectives and experiences sharing;

  • 3rd part will have different workshops simultaneously, where the participants will be free to choose what they want to attend, followed by the testimony of experts on what to expect from the networks of Demo farms and closing with the view of an external witness;

  • 4th part will close the Conference by highlighting the future perspectives of the demo-farm networks across the Europe  and through the testimonies of several experts .

The provisional agenda is available here.

Registration is open until 22nd of April 2022. It is important to note that registration is required, although free of charge.

Sign up and participate in this event, here!

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