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NEFERTITI is a unique EU project that establishes 10 thematic networks in livestock, arable, horticulture sectors. Within these networks all relevant stakeholders are working together: farmers, suppliers, researchers, advisors and policy makers. The goal is to spread best practices from one farmer to another. The farmers learn through demonstrations and discussions that they have with each other. And besides that, the project will be inspirational for researchers, advisors and demo farm owners to disseminate their research results to farmers in a more effective way.

Why to engage in NEFERTITI?

  1. Your agri sector can learn from results in different European countries to improve the sustainability of your arable, horticulture, and/or livestock systems
  2. Learn about your farmer’s needs and challenges as well as best-practices and solutions
  3. Share your ideas and vision on enhancing a sustainable agriculture
  4. Benefit from new innovation partnerships in your agricultural sector

NEFERTITI wants to engage with the EU regional dimension and thus connecting with Regional Authorities, which are frequently in charge for Rural Development and Innovation policies. For that reason, we encourage memberships from the following three typologies of stakeholder participation:

  1. Active region: participant regions are interested in pilot- and demofarms. They will be informed and are offered possibilities to join activities of the project in their own country/region or a region close by. They can be involved through participation in workshops, roundtables, field visits and demonstration events, questionnaires, etc. Participant regions will be regularly informed about the project events, results and outcomes.
  2. Observer region: observer regions are followers and supporters of the project. They will be regularly informed about the project events, activities and outcomes.
  3. Other regional stakeholder: cluster organisations, ministries, municipalities

Being active or passive, the membership to the NEFERTITI Network is completely free-of-charge and on a voluntary basis. The involvement of the members will only depend on their willingness to support the NEFERTITI network without obligation to participate actively in the project activities. Members can change the form of their membership or exit the network at any time without penalty.

For more information, please contact Martijn Onderstal ( and Marga Vintges (

Interested in being part of NEFERTITI?

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