You can Farm: Farm attractivity for new entrants

Build a network of demonstration farms that promote an attractive career and working environment for their own contexts to young farmers, students, their parents, teachers and other interested persons.

The network hubs will include demonstration farmer members that may also be involved in other demonstration farm networks but who specifically offer their farms and time for the support and formation of young people and early career farmers. The network will have members who promote a safe working environment with sustainability and quality of life benchmarks as well as technical, quality and economic performance indicators.

These farmers also have a passion for what they do and an ability to motivate and culture the interest of younger minds towards the career possibilities. It will be particularly attractive to farmers who open their farms for visits, skills demonstrations, innovation updates and social learning. It will help to demonstrate alternative ways to become a farmer and newer career paths to be involved in farming both full and part time. New organisational structures like partnerships and share farming will we promoted as well as traditional family farming.