Report on the NEFERTITI Cross-Visits in 2019

A NEFERTITI Cross-Visit is a “cross border demonstration” gathering the manager of the demonstration hubs and the demo-farmers of a given network. For 2 days, participants attend 2/3 demonstrations events and exchange technical knowledge as well as demonstration knowledge to learn about new farming practices from other countries, contexts and AKIS (Agriculture Knowledge and Innovation Systems).

2019 Cross Visits Figures

  • 8 Cross Visits organised in 5 countries during summer and autumn.
  • 4 networks (1+2 & 6+7) coordinate to organise joint CrossVisits.
  • 18 days of Cross-Visits and cross boarder demonstrations.
  • 28 Demonstration events organised trough the Cross Visits.
  • 169 participants to the Cross-Visits (20 in average).
  • 48 farmers travelled across Europe to participate to Cross Visits.

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I participated with my partner in the cross visit to Germany in Uberlingen. I appreciated the times of discussion with the other farmers of the network "Robust organic farming systems". It's always enriching to share each other's experiences, and to discover innovative techniques. We have also implemented certain agricultural practices encountered in Germany when we return to our farm.
Sylvia Marx-Marty,
organic dairy farmer, Guéhenno (Britany Region – France)

My participation in the cross visit to France in Bordeaux was extremely helpful to me. I saw how it is possible to combine the tradition and innovation approaches in viticulture - using simultaneously horses as a basic workforce and weed mini-robots for weed control. Also, using a “smart“ environ-mental care sprayer and applying innovative approaches to protect vineyards through the use of smart devices and equipment without use of chemicals. I plan to use most of demonstrated innovations in the future, nevertheless my farm is for raspberry production.
Bozhidar Petkov,
raspberry producer, Dalbok Dol (Lovech Region – Bulgaria)