The International Advisory Board (IAB) comprises external experts from scientific experts, to policy maker, practitioners associations, food industry at international and EU level (letters of commitment in annex).

The role of the IAB is to:

  • Provide advice, quality assurance and shape the implementation agenda of NEFERTITI;
  • Ensure that international decision makers’, experts’, economic actors’, practitioners’ views and needs are taken into account, throughout the duration of the project and thus guarantee an effective two-way communication;
  • Assist to disseminate the results generated by the research effort;
  • Support the implementation and integration of the developed modules.

The IAB will be guided by the ExCom and participate in the meetings of the General Assembly once a year.

The IAB members are the following:

M. Pierre Labarthe


Coordinator of the H2020 RUR-14 ‘AgriLink’ project on advisory services

Ms. Agnès Trarieux

Région Pays de la Loire

European and regional policies


ITAIPU Binacional

Integrated approach of demonstration:environment, energy,social responsibility, technology transfer.

Ms. Marie-Alice Budniok

European Landowner Organisation (ELO)

CAP, Demo-activities

Prof Marco Vieri

University of Firenze

Professor on biosystem engineering and specialist of on-field demo activities related with precision farming

M. Tim Mackle


Dairy innovation and demo-farm activities

Prof Alenxandros Koutsouris

Agricultural University of Athens

Agricultural Sociologist and specialist on learning process