The overall objective of NEFERTITI is to establish an EU-wide highly connected network of well-specified demonstration and pilot farms designed to enhance knowledge exchanges, cross fertilisation among actors and efficient innovation uptake in the farming sector through peer-to-peer demonstration of techniques to be organised by themes.
The main project objectives are six:

At the support level:

  • Developing dynamic action plans by identifying the needs of demonstration actors and networks’ in terms of knowledge and know-how for thematic network activities;
  • Supporting cycle of demo-activities and peer-to-peer learning in the regional hubs of demo activities and related actors that will be established. O2 is aimed at learning by doing on how to improve uptake of knowledge among farmers and improve science-practice interactions;
  • Establishing a web-based platform including knowledge tanks related to demo-activities incorporating ready-to-use knowledge from other national, EU and EIP related projects, organised by themes and sectors.

At the coordination level

  • Establishing and sustaining interactive thematic networks at regional, national and EU levels by sectors and themes (and with the EIP related projects/landscape) to boost knowledge exchanges and cross fertilisation;
  • Fostering the learning process of all actors involved in demo-activities throughout the networks to identify best practices for demonstrations and interactivity between demonstrations on similar themes over Europe;
  • Improving the policy dialogue and networking the regional European Structural Investment Fund (ESIF) managing authorities to ensure the network sustainability;
  • Promoting effective use of demo-and network activities by communicating and disseminating the practical oriented outcomes adapted at local level.