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Taking stock of the NEFERTITI project experience (building on Plaid and AgridDemoF2F experiences) with Demo Farm activities, the webinar was aimed at presenting relevant project findings and understanding how public policies can improve both the role of DEMO Farms in AKIS and their peer-to-peer learning potential.

With a hundred registered participants, the webinar attracted a good number of Governmental representatives (42%) and ENRD/AKIS experts (21%), who could learn from practical experiences from the project and from two ongoing National initiatives. European Commission DG AGRI supported the discussion by introducing relevant opportunities in the new EU programming period and sharing ideas and suggestions.

During the webinar it became clear that the project uses various tools that aim to explore and support peer-to-peer learning and exchange of good practices and innovations in agriculture through demonstration events in various forms and the networking of demonstration farms from all over Europe. The participation of representatives of public organizations and policymakers in demo events is also necessary to shape new approaches to the strengthening strategic role of demonstration activities within EU Common Agricultural Policy during the new programming period 2021 – 2027

Mrs. Inge Van Ost (DG AGRI Unit B2) presented some opportunities in the new programming period for supporting agri-related projects that promote interactive innovation and policies with a multi-actor approach.

The two national experiences focused on the Polish experience in creating a national network of demonstration farms, that can be further supported by national and European funds, and the Italian Farmlab and InnovainAzione projects, which aim to facilitate on-farm peer-to-peer learning and innovation transfer in agriculture.

The final discussion of this event has helped Nefertiti project to collect information and connect with relevant experts in order to prepare some analysis and policy recommendations, which will be delivered by the end of 2021.

All presentations, Agenda and the full video of the webinar are available at

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