The overall aim of WP7 is to communicate and disseminate at multi-level the sectorial /thematic technical solutions and demonstration best practices to reach a high level of innovation uptake.

The specific WP 1 objectives are to:

  • Develop a detailed dissemination and communication plan;
  • Adapt at local level the project web-based platform;
  • Develop multimedia material (videos, demonstration events portfolio, etc.);
  • Actively make use of social networks;
  • Interact with EIP-AGRI Platform and EIP-AGRI 'practice abstracts';
  • Provide a wide range of end-users dissemination material: farmer journals, fact sheets, booklets, conferences;
  • Organise two communication and dissemination international events.

The specific WP 7 approach is following:

A multi-actors approach linking farmers, advisors, researchers, businesses, and other actor will be used for communication of Demo-farm activities and dissemination of practical-oriented outcomes. It will be used innovative methods for dissemination and communication - on-line methods, social media, etc. WP7 will have a strong link with all other WP to guarantee optimum dissemination and communication of the project's results and outcomes. All dissemination materials will be co-designed with the stakeholders involved in the project. Existing widespread communication channels for dissemination materials such those maintained by EIP will be used. To increase the involvement of actors beyond those associated to the project, a web platform tailored to each country and available in all the project partners' languages will be established. European-level impact and sharing of project results will be achieved through use of EIP Platform and EIP-AGRI 'practice abstracts'.