The overall aim of WP6 is to ensure that NEFERTITI's outcomes and achievements feed into and engage policy dialogue with relevant Policy makers and particularly RDP managing authorities, EU regions and other regional intermediary organisms devoted to agricultural R&I. These activities will boost the effectiveness of the project and consolidate the sustainability of NEFERTITI during and after the project time life.

The specific WP 6 objectives are to:

  • Set up a network and of public administration and managing authorities of European regions (via ERIAFF) and engage public administrations in acknowledging the relevance of demo-farms and supporting their functioning through dedicated tools and/or programme;
  • Exchange best practices and knowledge among EU regions and connect the demo-farms with existing S3 Agro food sub-thematic platforms also through an inventory relevant ESIF projects within the regions of the NEFERTITI networks that can be integrated to NEFERTITI hubs activities;
  • Analyse the EU regions S3 and RDP opportunities to facilitate interactive innovation projects genesis (i.e. OGs), anticipate the taking over of funding by regions so securing and potentially expanding the networks sustainability via sub networks and bilateral and trilateral cooperation between regions within the triple helix;
  • Provide policy recommendation on demo-farming governance and financing.

The specific WP 6 approach is following:

The approach of WP6 will consist in connecting NEFERTITI with relevant transnational and trans regional initiatives conducted by ERIAFF and the S3 Agri-Food Platform in order to create effective synergies between the farming sector, R&I actors and regional managing authorities in order to foster understanding, relationship and a more integrated cooperation between the wide farming sector and the policy makers, matching their respective interest in terms of agriculture challenges and interactive innovation models.