WP4 has the three-fold objective to:

  • Set up the NEFERTITI Platform's architecture based on a list of stakeholders' requirements;
  • Develop, operate and maintain a networking and knowledge brokerage web-based NEFERTITI platform;
  • Enable the interaction between agricultural sector stakeholders providing ground spreading collected knowledge into operational demo-activities.

The specific WP 4 approach is following:

WP4 will rely on the Agile software development framework (defined by the Scrum Guide, Read more...) and tailor it to best suit the needs of the project, i.e. to fit to the timeline and the scope of activities. WP4 leader will have the role of the "Product Owner" and will be responsible for interacting with stakeholders, definition of requirements, prioritisation and maintaining the product backlog updated all the time. The development team with the help of the Scrum Master will work on implementing the requirements defined by the Product Owner. The work will be divided in smaller batches that will be implemented by the development team in 2-4-week iterations (sprints). Each sprint will end with a new version of the NEFERTITI platform. Under WP 4 it will be consolidated the collected data and make sure it is appropriately assembled, stored in the database, and accessible from the platform. Under WP 4 it will be assured proper and continuous operation and maintenance of the platform.