The goal of this WP is to carry out concrete demonstration actions in various partner countries, with an ambition of continuous quality improvement thanks to yearly evaluations and exchanges of practices between project partners ('cross-fertilisation').

The specific WP 3 objectives are to:

  • Prepare and fine-tuned Demo-activities in each hub;
  • Carry out demonstration actions by using innovative methods;
  • Evaluate and capitalise on each demonstration campaign.

The specific WP 3 approach is following:

The aim of WP3 is to support and facilitate existing demo-activities implemented in each hub. Three demonstration campaigns will be carried out during the project. They will focus topics chosen by the project and will be carried out simultaneously in several countries. In each hub a demo-campaign will include three tasks (see below), which will be repeated from year to year, considering the lessons learned from the previous demo-campaign. WP3 is strongly linked to the other WPs: it builds on the dynamic action plan of WP1, as well as on the EU networks set up during the first year of operation of WP2. It will also benefit from the information technologies designed and developed in WP4, as well as from methodological contributions from WP5. Furthermore, WP7 will help designing communication media and disseminating the lessons learnt and the good practices identified.