A unique H2020 project

  • 10 Networks on specific themes
  • 45 Regional / National hubs
  • Demonstration farms & activities
  • Multi-actor setting


  • Boost innovation
  • Improve peer to peer learning
  • Exchange of knowledge
  • Network connectivity

NEFERTITI network is aiming at:

Connecting people

Strengthen multi-actor networking, peer-to-peer learning and innovation uptake across Europe.

Knowledge exchange

A web based platform / knowledge reservoir unlocks the experiences, actors, demonstration details and the related technical content for wide spread sharing through a set of media.

Cross fertilization

A monitoring and learning program supports the systematic extraction of lessons learnt and demonstration best practices, to be shared with wide audiences in the EU AKIS, including policy makers.

4 days ago
George Washington said: " #Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful and most noble employment of man." #NEFERTITIEU Thematic Network #10 will promote #farming careers to young farmers, students and everyone interested in hearing the stories of successful #farmers! #quote https://t.co/gtIXDHnw6Q NEFERTITI_EU photo